Effect of Covid-19 in Digital Marketing

effect of covid19 to digital marketing

As the coronavirus pandemic, also known as COVID-19, continues to spread globally, its altercations have entered every facet of the economy. 

Businesses are down, sales have sharply dropped, and business models have been replaced by virtual, remote, and contactless solutions that are drastically changing consumer behavior, revenue structure, and spending patterns as lockdowns took effect.

The Digital Marketing Before COVID-19

Before COVID-19 hit, measurable and prominent digital marketing trends were emerging, such as the rise of video marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, micro-moments, and engagement-based email marketing. The result of this pandemic causes digital marketing to evolve and keep pace with new technological innovations and changing consumer preferences.

Understanding and Adjusting to COVID-19’s Impact on Ecommerce Business

The era of COVID-19 is one of the biggest crises in modern history and came as a shock for healthcare professionals, governments, businesses, and people around the world. Many countries and politicians were taking bold and strict measures to prevent the further spread of the virus and the collapse of the healthcare system. As people have to stay at home and practice social distancing, many businesses and industries are facing issues. 

It has been exceptionally challenging for businesses worldwide and brought to fore the unique role of e-commerce that it can play in crisis and beyond. The unparalleled growth of e-commerce businesses will disrupt national retail frameworks and international trade fundamentals – and this presents unique growth opportunities, both domestically and internationally. It also serves as an opportunity to collaborate with international experts on significant projects in the future.

social media digital marketing

Today, digital marketing is dynamically evolving because people also adapt to the new normal and behaviors that were established due to the pandemic. But its progression has been impacted, and here’s how.

Social Media Accelerates

People are spending longer on social media at the start of lockdown. The top reasons for using social media is to spare time, stay up to date with news and current events. And online transactions for goods and services.

Social Media Influencer Marketing

Due to the pandemic, prompting brands and companies took the time to pause and evaluate their marketing strategies, from traditional ad placements to influencer marketing. Social media influencer marketing plays a critical role in the overall marketing strategy, but it requires thoughtful strategy and planning based on specific goals.

Virtual Events

During the coronavirus pandemic, a sharp growth in online events is driven by remote work. Organizations are scheduling digital events for the people to watch them. People appreciate the convenience of virtual events because it doesn’t require face-to-face interaction, and all you need to do is the internet and your camera.

Transparency and Personalization

Digital marketing is progressively changing, and because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for transparency from the consumer is increasing. Brands are forced to adopt the new normal and the consequences.

Video and Content Marketing

Before the pandemic hits, measurable and prominent trends are already emerging, and two of these are video and content marketing. Marketing campaigns have become essential in captioning and video content. It also includes educating, collaborating, entertainment and socializing. 


The bottom line is that it is difficult to predict the full impact of the coronavirus on online sales growth rates overall, but what is sure is that results would not be consistent across the board. It will depend on the niche, changing shopper behavior, and how much longer communities were asked to socially distance — among other things.

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Above all, people should take care of themselves and think strategically to help your business weather the storm.