Investing in Amazon: How Much Would I Make?

Investing in Amazon

It’s no secret that Amazon is the biggest internet-based company in the whole wide world. In 1994, Amazon started its first book online selling, and the founder, Jeff Bezos, knew that the only way to succeed in the digital space was to grow big and fast. Today, Amazon is selling everything from books to container houses. This biggest e-commerce website has become a one-stop-shop and has many ambitions for its future. Investing in Amazon is one of the primary income streams of many people. New Amazon sellers are earning over an average of $42,000 profits annually. 

There are 44% of new Amazon sellers have been selling for 1-2 years on Amazon. Besides, three in six new sellers are looking for extra income to add to their current income, and a lot of them are searching for flexible work from any location or traveling all over the world.

Investing in Amazon

Today, selling on Amazon is still undeniably a way to make profits. The fact that 62% of new sellers said their earnings increased in the previous year, and 56% are planning to continue selling on Amazon in 2021 is a significant factor in considering investing in Amazon. So how much would you make in investing in Amazon?

Selling on Amazon will involve some expenses and fees on the seller’s part like any other business. But what makes Amazon FBA so appealing? It makes them appealing because it simplifies that for sellers. To make it simple, you will choose a product, get it to Amazon’s warehouses, set your Amazon listing up, and let Amazon takes care of the rest.

How much would you make when you invest in Amazon?

Investing in Amazon

The most common Amazon’s FBA or Fulfillment-by-Amazon program is through many different methods for selling on Amazon. Most Amazon sellers make at least $1,000 per month in sales and some sellers who have been on selling for a long time in Amazon make upwards of $250,000 each month in sales, which amounts to $3 million in annual sales!

  • If you invest in Amazon, you can probably make $1,000 to $25,000 per month, which could mean annual sales from $12,000 to $300,000.
  • If you are part of a 19% seller in Amazon, you can make $25,000 to $250,000 per month, amounting to annual sales between $300,000 and $3,000,000; another 6% makes more than $250,000 monthly sales.
  • But if you are part of 26% of sellers, you will only make under $1,000 per month in sales, and 4% don’t know their monthly sales.

Selling on Amazon became a feasible way of establishing an e-commerce business relatively recently, so many Amazon sellers are new to the game. But that hasn’t limited their sales. According to Jungle Scout, there is more than two out of five Amazon sellers (43%) have reached lifetime sales of over

  • $100,000:Lifetime sales $100,000 to 500,000: 16%
  • $500,001 to 1,000,000: 8%
  • $1,000,001 to 5,000,000: 8%
  • $5,000,001 to 10,000,000: 4%
  • $10,000,001to 50,000,000: 4%
  • More than $50,000,000: 3%

While sales are often a robust measure of a healthy Amazon business, they don’t paint a complete picture of what money an Amazon seller takes home. So let’s turn to profits.

How much money will you invest in Amazon to start selling?

Investing in Amazon

According to a survey, over one in five, 27% of one of the most successful Amazon sellers, spent $500 to start the business. The 58% of sellers spent less than $5,000 to get started selling on Amazon, and 27% spent less than $1,000.

You might be wondering where the money is spent? Commonly, initial costs include product sourcing that provides for your samples, Amazon fees, and promotions. Moreover, you do not need to spend a lot of money to be a successful seller on Amazon, and starting small correlates to tremendous success.

What are the ways to earn once you start investing on Amazon?

Investing in Amazon

In this section, we’ve listed ways to earn once you start investing on Amazon. Please be informed that many of these methods are already working for aspiring online business owners like you. 

  • Sell products using Amazon’s FBA.
  • Private label your brand.
  • Retail arbitrage.
  • Sing up for Amazon Handmade.
  • Become an Affiliate.
  • Try Merch by Amazon
  • Earn through KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)
  • Complete tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk
  • Sell a professional service on Amazon.

Will selling on Amazon be profitable this year?

Yes. Selling on Amazon will be profitable this year. There are 80% of sellers on Amazon will still sell this year, and 63% are optimistic that selling on Amazon will be an effective way to make money online in the future. To let you know, Amazon is an industry itself. Amazon is irrevocably tied into so many other sectors that sellers’ opportunity to find a profitable niche to sell in is massive.

Tips to Become Successful on Amazon

Many people are trying to sell their products on Amazon, to become successful, we’ve listed some tips below:

  • Start now.
  • Put some effort because it will pay off eventually.
  • Find the right resources and tools.


People are using Amazon for more than just buying products, whether you are selling products, offer a service, or writing reviews. Amazon is a great resource to earn extra money and turn your side hustle into your main hustle. Whatever you choose to do for more income, be sure to research and find out as much as you can.

Investing in Amazon: How Much Would I Make?
Article Name
Investing in Amazon: How Much Would I Make?
According to a survey, over one in five, 27% of one of the most successful Amazon sellers, spent $500 to start the business. The 58% of sellers spent less than $5,000 to get started selling on Amazon, and 27% spent less than $1,000.
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