Best 5 SEO Tools 100% Free [Proven and Tested]

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There are a lot of SEO tools that are free to use. SEO tools are essential tools in assessing the health of the website and its overall performance. Using SEO tools, checking the web site’s speed and responsiveness, identifying quality backlinks, conducting keyword research, and competitor analysis make it easier and convenient. It will also make things done fast and efficiently.

Based on a study, 80 percent of internet users use search engines to acquire information, services, and sell products online. About eight out of ten people will look at the first page of the search results, while the rest will look at the second place. On the other hand, seven people will only look at the top three results. Otherwise, they will change the keywords and search for different search results. You might think that you have the best website, but it will be useless if it’s not listed on the top search results. To make it happen and improve your Google ranking, we recommend using these 100% free proven and tested 5 SEO tools.

But first, let us give you further information about SEO. There are different SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, and local SEO. Particular keywords belong to on-page SEO optimization, where they aim to complement the search words on the potential and target customers. Off-page optimization is through link building. The more quality links exist to an internet page, and the more Google will value it. On the other hand, technical SEO refers to a website’s optimization to help engine spiders crawl and index a site and improve organic rankings. And the most crucial part of SEO is quality, not quantity.

Many of you might be wondering why you should use SEO tools? SEO tools will save you from tiresome keyword research and analyzing the acquired data. Using these free SEO tools enables you to overview what is working and which part of your marketing strategy could benefit from twisting and pulling. These tools will also provide reports about how you will measure your competitors and what opportunities you can use for your business convenience.

If you manage more than one website, all the data might be overwhelming for you to work, so using an SEO tool will be more convenient and avoid inaccurate reports. We have rounded up the best 5 100% free SEO tools that are proven and tested.

1.Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free SEO tool that Google offered. This tool will help monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot a site’s presence in Google Search Results. It will help to understand your site and improve how Google will see it. This platform will allow you to view each of your site page’s keywords that are ranking. It will help identify the best opportunities to increase SERP positions or search engine result pages for blogs and content. It will also help you track keywords you are ranking for, provides up-to-date information, and it will help you identify indexing and other technical issues.

2.Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a keyword research tool from Google. It is used to generate keyword ideas based on the top ten seed keywords that you provide or from a URL. Google Keyword Planner is 100% free to use, so you need to spend a single penny. Using this tool, you have to access the Google Keyword Planner first and log in to your Google Adwords account. Click on the wrench icon in the toolbar. The second step is to choose your tool. You will have two options; start with a website or start with keywords. The third step is you have to filter and sort the results. The fourth step is analyzing the keyword section ideas.  The fifth and last step is choosing a keyword and getting the exact keyword search volume data.

3. Answer The Public

Answer The Public is a free SEO tool that helps marketers find the best topics for their content marketing strategy. Answer The Public is a powerful tool because it can discover what people are searching for in Google search engines. It has over a million searches in its database and can predict what you will ask for based on the information you provided. The more variations you try, the more it is to generate ideas for content, and there is a high number of queries behind those searches and generated from questions which the people ask. Answer the Public also generates suggestions based on prepositions, such as “like,” “with,” and “without,” same as an alphabetical search which adds letters to the original query, listing the most common questions which use each letter.

4.Chrome DevTools

Chrome DevTools is a free tool built directly into Google Chrome that helps you edit pages on-the-fly and diagnose problems quickly. This tool is also a built-in web debugging tool that allows debugging page speed issues, improving web page rendering performance and many more. This tool has endless use from a technical SEO standpoint.

5.Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free website analytics tool offered by Google that allows you to see insights into how users find and use your website. It is considered one of the most popular digital analytics software in the digital space. This tool also provides valuable insights that can help you to shape the success strategy of your business. Google Analytics can do wonders in more advanced ways even though there are other analytics management platforms. This tool remains a free and highly relevant solution for managing your site.

Best 5 SEO Tools 100% Free [Proven and Tested]
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Best 5 SEO Tools 100% Free [Proven and Tested]
Using an SEO tool will be more convenient and avoid inaccurate reports. Check out the best 5 100% free SEO tools that are proven and tested.
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